Small farming, at its essence, is all about entrepreneurship.

The Business of Farming is an integrated approach to helping prospective and current small farmers grow and prosper their business. The series is offered in a variety of settings, including "on the farm" for hands-on immersive training. See the descriptions of the workshops below.

The Business of Farming Workshop Series

This workshop series consists of six standalone seminars. However, attending all six as a unit will provide the maximum benefit to the small farmer's agribusiness.

Week 1: Legal Structures and Business Framework Kick start your small farm business by finding which business structure works best for your goals. Learn the fundamentals of the business operations and how they work. Learn to think outside of the box on which business entity might be best for you.

Week 2: Site Analysis & Exploring Your Potential Explore how you can learn your farm’s potential through analysis of all land and equipment so you can explore and move your business to its full potential. You will learn to think strategically in making decisions that will enhance your capacity.

Week 3: Understanding Your Market and Customers Learn how to find your niche, business concept and opportunity. Explore how you can fine tune your value proposition and begin to explore which customers are best for your business. Learn how to find the right customer for you – and keep them.

Week 4: Financial Planning for Your Business You will learn how to understand your business financials so that you can make smart and strategic decisions that will make you profitable. You will explore all areas of business finance so that you are confident in your decision making as you move your business into a profitable venture.

Week 5: Maximizing Your Profits and “Belt-Tightening” Have you ever wondered if you are fully maximizing your profits? You will learn how to analyze decisions based on data and opportunities within the market so that you can reduce costs, expand profits, and grow a successful business.

Week 6: Business Operations & HR – Learn how to ensure your business operations are designed for success. Hiring the right people for the task at hand is critical for any small business and you will learn the tips on how to find and grow the talent your business will rely on to grow and be successful.

Granit Training Group also offers seminars, through its strategic partners, workshops and seminars on using drones in agribusiness. Technology is truly transforming agribusiness and its strategic use by small farmers is of paramount importance to their success. The worldwide market for drones is estimated to top $127 billion with the next two to three years. These seminars showcase the myriad of uses of drones in agribusiness, how to get started in a drone services agribusiness and FAA certification requirements.

Check out the video below for how data-driven farming can significantly help small rural farmers.