Find a great mentor ... someone who has already been through the many challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Granit Training Group offers a myriad of services to support the needs of the current or prospective small business. We offer counseling, access to capital, as well as workshops and seminars. We also specialize in custom curriculum development to meet the specific needs of small businesses. See the list below for a description of some of our most popular workshops.

Topic: Financing Your Business

If you are seeking capital to start or expand your business, this seminar will provide you with an insider's view of how best to prepare when seeking a business loan or finding ways to self-finance your business. Learn the tips on the key ingredients for a successful loan package, and even more importantly, mistakes to avoid when working with a lender, will be discussed. Work hand in hand with experienced business minds that can help you navigate through the world of start-up and small business lending.

Topic: How to Write a Business Plan

A business plan can be the most important tool for a small business owner. Learn how to turn your ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. This seminar teaches you the important components of a business plan and helps you lay the foundation for a winning plan. Find out how marketing, operations, and finance are interrelated. Discover how a business plan is used by potential lenders, the dos and don’ts of writing a plan, and steps for making the process easy. This seminar is designed for new and established business owners.

Topic: What Makes Your Business Stand Out? Developing Your Business Brand

Come to this session where you will walk through an exercise designed to develop your unique value proposition. From there you can use your value proposition to develop your elevator pitch. Be prepared to talk to anyone, anywhere, about why your business is special and why people should choose to do business with you.

Topic: Will I Make Money? Calculating Your Break-Even Point

If you are not going to make any money, what is the point of it all? Come to this session where we will explain the difference between fixed and variable costs. Learn how to calculate how much you will have to sell to just break even, and how many sales you will need to be profitable.

Topic: Building a Business Plan that Works

Topic: Build a Strategic Plan for Successful Growth

Topic: Finding the Customers You Want and Need

Topic: Fundamentals of Starting a Business in North Carolina

Topic: Proven Steps to Find Capital for Your Business

Topic: The Business Model Canvas – The Tool to Bring Balance to Your Business

In addition to the above seminars, we also offer additional workshops through our strategic partnerships. Some of these include:

  • Work of Art: If you can't do the business part successfully, you won't survive to create. The Work of Art is a curriculum developed by Springboard for the Arts. We use this curriculum, along with other custom materials to help artists successfully use their natural creative capacilities to sustain and grow their business.
  • The Business of Storytelling ... Telling Your Business Story: If you want someone to remember your message ... whether it's a post, a presentation or even a conversation ... tell them a story. A dynamic business story ensures your customers remember the most important parts of your small business. This seminar explains why storytelling is so powerful and so important. We thenn help you write & deliver your business story. Contact us to schedule one of our dynamic workshops & start telling your story.

Check out the video below to learn the single biggest reason why start-ups succeed.